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She was sixteen when the plane her father was piloting crashed, pinning her in the wreckage and killing her 12-year-old sister. She was nineteen when her father told her he wished she had died and her sister had lived. Ashamed of having survived, she resolved to breathe as little as possible from then on.

Every Moment of a Fall

Told in riveting detail, Every Moment of a Fall follows Carol E. Miller’s recovery from these emotional blows. Using the eye-movement therapy EMDR to access her fiercely guarded memories, she learned to challenge the belief that the crash was all her fault, and that she didn’t deserve to be alive.

Every Moment of a Fall is a frank, open-hearted account of a woman’s struggle with the trauma and disappointment that will ultimately transform her, written with a poet’s exactness and imagery.

Rene Steinke, National Book Award finalist, author of Friendswood