The EMDR Memoir

A primer on the impact of life-threatening trauma as well as the healing power of EMDR.  Both author and reader emerge from the story grateful for grace.

Jessica Stern, author of Denial: A Memoir of Terror

cover bird rectagularEvery Moment of a Fall is the first book-length account of recovery from childhood trauma using the eye-movement therapy EMDR. Curiosity is mounting about how Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing works and what it’s like to go through treatment. Until now, little has been written to help the lay reader identify with the experience. This EMDR memoir changes that.

Experience Release from Trauma Firsthand

Carol E. Miller ushers the reader into the room where she meets week after week with her EMDR therapist. As their sessions progress, we revisit the family’s airplane crash and feel the suffocating crush of the smashed fuselage where 16-year-old Carol was trapped.  We inhabit the strange visualizations her psyche concocts to set her free, and participate as she moves toward healing by gradually consigning her traumatic memories to the past.

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