Praise for Every Moment of a Fall:

praise for the EMDR memoir

Every Moment of a Fall is a frank, open-hearted account of a woman’s struggle with the trauma and disappointment that will ultimately transform her. Miller writes with a poet’s exactness and imagery about childhood, religion, love, and friendship. This is an insightful and moving book that invites the re-imagination of one’s own memories.”

–Rene Steinke, National Book Award finalist and author of Friendswood

“A primer on the impact of life-threatening trauma as well as the healing power of EMDR.  Both author and reader emerge from the story grateful for grace.“

–Jessica Stern, author of Denial: A Memoir of Terror

“When I picked up this book, I could not imagine that there was a treatment using bilateral stimulation to access deeply submerged memories. But it works. It really is a miracle. And Carol Miller explains the process so cogently that the reader is fascinated all the way along. Her narrative voice is spellbinding.”

–Sybil Steinberg, contributing editor and former book review section editor for Publishers Weekly

“Those who tell the brave truth make it easier for all of us to do just that.”

–Pat Kerrigan, KRSO Radio


What Mental Health Professionals Are Saying:

Every Moment of a Fall is engaging as a Mary Karr memoir, with trauma material that resonates as powerfully as Tim O’Brien’s work. The book has potential to bring real hope for recovery to those who may be hesitant to seek treatment.”

–Rachel Kimerling, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, National Center for PTSD

“Miller’s book is a pioneer in conveying the patient’s point of view in EMDR treatment. Her story is timely as more than a decade of research on trauma is now manifesting in a push toward trauma-informed care in most medical, mental health and substance misuse recovery centers across the nation.

Further, her story highlights many of the common factors people face when multiple traumatic experiences compound and are not treated appropriately. . . . Miller’s journey is one of hope for all who are curious about EMDR therapy or have been burdened by unresolved trauma and afraid to find the right support.”

–Renee Podunovich, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

“Riveting, compelling, sad, joyous. I read it between clients in two days. I could not put it down.

–Barbara Hensley, Ed.D., Board-Certified Diplomate for the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

“Most representations of therapists or therapy in art are painfully cringe-making. This is the most accurate description of the therapeutic process that I’ve seen. . . . And what a great story of the liberation of the human spirit! I will definitely recommend it to clients.”

–Glenn Berger, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Social Worker