Podcast: In the “Life After the Plane Crash” episode of I, Survivor, Carol talks survivor guilt, PTSD and EMDR with hosts Jenna Brister and Wagatwe Wanjuki, who also interview EMDR specialist Dr. Steve Dansiger. Listen




Podcast: Paul Gilmartin, comedian and host of The Mental Illness Happy Hour, interviews Carol in front of a live audience at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland, CA. Listen


EMDR memoir on NPR

Podcast: Jeff William of NPR station WSIU interviews Carol for his show In the Author’s VoiceListen

EMDR memoir and The Girl Who Lived


Podcast: Carol and Kate Bassford Baker, author of the blog The Girl Who Lived, discuss their near-fatal crash experiences, EMDR and releasing traumas the body closely guards. Listen


EMDR memoir Voice of America interview


Podcast: Carol and her EMDR therapist, Jan Cehn, talk with Brooke Wagner, host of Therapeutic Approach to Growth, on Voice of America internet radio. Listen


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Podcast: Carol talks with her hubby Andy Weisskoff, LCSW, an EMDR specialist and writer & editor extraordinaire, about how EMDR works and what it was like to write about the therapy experience. Listen


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Podcast: Carol and Take My Word For It founder Sondra Freundlich Hall talk creative writing, processing trauma, and fostering a regular writing practice. Bonus poetry readings included! Listen


EMDR memoir read by Carol E. Miller at Book Passage

Video: Carol reads the opening pages of Every Moment of a Fall at Book Passage, May 1, 2016. Watch